Responsive Web Designing

Mobile internet and the usage of mobiles has increased manifold over the last few years, with the advent of new modern technologies. A majority of people, nowadays, prefer using mobile for surfing the net rather than a desktop. And it is logical as well, conserving both time and energy. This new market can thus be cashed upon by the opportunistic companies for business. The best method today to reach out to a larger audience is to mobilize your present website or create a new mobile website. And this calls for Mobile Web Designing and this is exactly what we, at India Web Way, are here for.

Need a new mobile website? Whom to approach for some Mobile Website Designing Services? Just contact us, give us the specific requirements and there you are, with a weapon to capture the market. We create Mobile Websites that are compatible with all kinds of phones, work on Flash, easy to use and give a brilliant experience to the user. Also, the website is loaded with added features such as click-to-call, mobile maps, and mobile analytics.

Types of Mobile Websites Created Here

Mobile Websites are, essentially, of two kinds, the Separate Mobile Websites, and the Responsive Mobile Websites. Our technical team has gained expertise in creating both types of websites as per your wish. Here we have stated some merits and demerits of both the websites:

Separate Mobile Website

  • This involves preparing a completely new website, maintained separately from the regular website. The major drawback here is that you would have to maintain two different websites at the same time, while the advantage of this system is that the website is easily compatible on any mobile.

Responsive Mobile Website

  • The responsive websites are prepared using the same style sheet as the parent website, and hence it need not be updated separately, saving you a lot of time. But it could be incompatible with some mobile browsers and difficult to open and use.

Our Basic Responsive Design Strategy

  • Easy-to-use: The mobile website is easily navigable by the customers
  • Works On All Smart phones: A large proportion of the online buyers belong to the higher strata of the society and hence the website is compatible on all smart phones
  • Minimum Loading Time: The mobile websites are quick to load and hence user-friendly.
  • Promoting The Mobile Website: We pay special attention to promoting the website as well and have a special strategy in place.
  • Web Analytics: It is very essential to keep a tab on the people visiting your website and to improve it,based on their experiences.
  • User-Centric: The mobile website is to the point, highlighting the major facts and providing the users what they need with minimum hassles

Why India Web Way?

  • Our products have been successful all over the world, and we guarantee you, your website shall be a grand success as well
  • Free website hosting for a year with special added features.
  • Some state-of-art techniques used to prepare and test the website for glitches
  • A dedicated team with a lot of experience in this field working round the clock to satisfy the exact requirements as wished by you.